Overwatch 2: Mastering the Unlock of Pink Mercy & Rose Gold Mercy Skins

  • Charlotte Price
  • Jun 26, 2024
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Overwatch 2: Mastering the Unlock of Pink Mercy & Rose Gold Mercy Skins

Long-awaited by Overwatch 2 veterans and newcomers alike, the return of the precious Pink Mercy skin and the introduction of the magnificent Rose Gold Mercy skin in Season 11 is nothing short of extraordinary. This detailed guide will take you through all the steps you need to follow to add these sought-after cosmetics to your collection, all while supporting a worthy cause. Follow these steps, and soon, you’ll be dazzling your teammates with Mercy’s most radiant looks!

Step 1: Mark Your Calendars

The journey to obtain the Pink Mercy and Rose Gold Mercy skins starts with being aware of the key dates. Both skins will be available for purchase from June 25, 2024. Excitement is high, and the window for acquisition is limited, so it’s crucial to stay alert and ready to act when the time arrives.

Step 2: Understanding the Cause

Understanding the Cause

Before diving into the purchasing process, it’s essential to understand the meaningful cause behind these skins. Profits from both Pink Mercy and Rose Gold Mercy will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This initiative aligns with Blizzard’s previous efforts in 2018 when the original Pink Mercy skin raised an impressive $12.7 million USD. This is not just a chance to adorn your favorite Swiss Support hero with stunning cosmetics but an opportunity to support a critical cause.

Step 3: Purchasing Pink Mercy Skin

The classic Pink Mercy skin is returning at the original price of $14.99 USD. Here’s how you can secure it:

  1. Log into Overwatch 2: Ensure you are logged into your Overwatch 2 account. Ensure your game client is updated to the latest version to avoid any disruptions.
  2. Navigate to the Store: In the game menu, select the ‘Store’ tab. This is where all purchasable content is housed, including special event items.
  3. Locate Pink Mercy: Under featured items or ‘Special Skins’ category, find the Pink Mercy skin.
  4. Complete your Purchase: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase. Make sure to use a valid payment method registered to your account. Upon purchase, the Pink Mercy skin will automatically be added to your collection.

Step 4: Acquiring the Rose Gold Mercy Bundle

The brand new Rose Gold Mercy variant brings an elegant twist to the classic look and includes additional items in a bundle priced at $19.99 USD. Here is the step-by-step process to get this bundle:

Acquiring the Rose Gold Mercy Bundle

  1. Log into Overwatch 2: As with the Pink Mercy skin, start by logging into your Overwatch 2 account.
  2. Access the Store: Go to the ‘Store’ tab from the game menu.
  3. Find the Rose Gold Mercy Bundle: Look for the Rose Gold Mercy bundle under the featured items or in a dedicated event tab.
  4. Review Bundle Contents: The Rose Gold Mercy bundle includes:
    • Rose Gold Mercy skin
    • Heroic Mercy weapon skin, usable with any Mercy skin
    • 3 exclusive sprays
    • 3 unique player icons
    • 3 distinctive name cards
    Confirm that these additional items meet your expectations.
  5. Complete your Purchase: Follow the purchase instructions, ensuring the use of an active payment method. Post-transaction, the entire bundle contents will be accessible in your game inventory.

Step 5: Equipping Your New Skins

Once you’ve successfully acquired the skins, the next step is to flaunt them in your matches:

  1. Go to ‘Heroes’ Tab: From the main menu, select the ‘Heroes’ tab to access all the playable heroes in Overwatch 2.
  2. Choose Mercy: Navigate to Mercy’s profile.
  3. Select your Skin: Click on the ‘Skins’ section and choose either the Pink Mercy or Rose Gold Mercy skin from your collection.
  4. Equip: Click ‘Equip’ to set the chosen skin as Mercy’s default look.

Now, you’re all set to showcase your stylish new looks while healing and supporting your team. Enjoy the admiration from fellow players and the satisfaction of knowing your purchase went to a worthy cause.

Equipping Your New Skins

Step 6: Staying Informed

Overwatch 2 frequently updates its seasonal content, events, and skins. To stay in the loop about future opportunities and exclusive offers:

Follow Official Overwatch Channels:

  • Bookmark the official Overwatch website for news and updates.
  • Follow Overwatch’s social media channels on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Join the Overwatch community forums and Reddit for discussions and announcements.


Unlocking the Pink Mercy and Rose Gold Mercy skins in Overwatch 2 is not only about enhancing your in-game aesthetics but also about being part of a larger, impactful cause. By following these steps, you ensure a seamless acquisition process and immerse yourself in the solidarity of the Overwatch community. Celebrate Mercy’s iconic styles, contribute to meaningful research and take pride in your in-game representation of compassion and hope.

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