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Our dedicated team consists of the following:

Lily Smith, the creator, and editor of this site 

Recognizing the rapid growth in the gaming and app industry, Lily saw an opportunity to cater to an audience eager for reliable news sources. Her vision was to create a platform that combined her passion for digital entertainment with her editorial expertise.

With clear goals in mind, Lily set out to build a site that offered engaging content tailored specifically to her target audience. She focused on providing high-quality articles that covered everything from game announcements to app updates while maintaining an unbiased perspective. As the site grew in popularity, Lily stayed committed to continuously improving content quality and exploring innovative ways of engaging with her audience.

However, Lily herself would not have been able to scale this project. By meeting her future colleagues, she was able to motivate them toward a common goal.

Sarah Jones - Media Manager

Sarah Jones has always had a passion for the digital world, especially when it comes to gaming and apps. Growing up, she was an avid gamer and always stayed up to date with the latest trends in the industry. This enthusiasm led her to pursue a degree in marketing and digital media, where she honed her skills in media management and content creation.

In her position, Sarah has been instrumental in growing the site's online presence, developing and executing strategic social media campaigns, and fostering a strong community around gaming and apps. Her dedication, creativity, and in-depth knowledge of the industry continue to drive the success of the news site. 

Mike Davis - Lead Writer

Mike Davis has been an integral part of the team at the gaming and apps news site. With a strong background in journalism and a passion for gaming, Mike brings a unique perspective and in-depth knowledge to the site's content. He began his career as a freelance writer, specializing in gaming and technology and quickly established himself as an authoritative voice in the industry.

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis focuses on examining game franchises, delivering a deep analysis of game design evolution, storytelling, and gameplay mechanics. By exploring titles with various historical and cultural implications, Benjamin helps his readers appreciate ongoing developments within the gaming world while fostering in-depth understanding.

Charlotte Price

Charlotte Price delves into the robust mobile app ecosystem with an emphasis on user-interface design and seamless usability. Her articles not only showcase popular applications but also draw attention to emerging ones that offer innovative functionalities. With a perceptive eye for UX trends, Charlotte recommends apps that enhance users' daily experiences while staying in tune with technological advancements.

A game is not only a game, it is also a discussion, debate, and exchange of ideas. At Vialedlights, we believe in creating a community where players can engage in deep discussions and share their unique perspectives. Our team regularly publishes articles covering a wide range of topics, from the state of the industry to the impact of gaming on society.

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, with new games and updates constantly coming out. From new game releases to industry events, our team is always on the lookout for the hottest news. We aim to be your go-to source for all things gaming, ensuring you never miss the latest trends and announcements.

At Vialedlights, we understand that our readers are the driving force behind our success. As such, we strive to provide content that is informative and engaging, and tailored to your specific interests and needs. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions and are committed to constantly improving and expanding our offerings to ensure that Vialedlights remains your go-to place for all things gaming.

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