The game Among Us was first released in 2018. It was created by InnerSloth, a studio with only three people.

Among Us

It is interesting that the online multiplayer was added only by request of the players, while the developers were going to do with local sessions.


The graphics of Among Us is a cartoon style look. The graphics are not very detailed, but they are quite nice and atmospheric.


The game can be played with keyboard, mouse, or gamepad, or simply by controlling it on the phone screen.


Thanks to the voting system, there is always room for novelty in the game. At certain moments the game turns into a pure detective game with a tense standoff between accusers and an alibi search, a battle of wits that allows the imposter to sit back while others fiercely toss their own allies overboard. 

In this game, no game is the same, nor are there strictly set rules - anything can happen at any time, and that's okay. You can play in the company of your friends or with random players online. So your enjoyment of the process depends directly on the team you get.


Despite the fact that the game is not impressive beauty, its built-in mechanisms work without a misfire. The game can be experienced for free on Android or iOS. But the authors allow you to spend a lot more money on costume sets, and like any other cosmetics are completely useless, but will allow you to emphasize your uniqueness.

Among Us is the perfect emotion generator. It's a great play, scripted in front of your eyes and with your direct involvement. The main thing here is the stories that are born and happen right in front of our eyes. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, at other times arousing righteous anger, indignation and rage, and at other times rejoicing.

  • It's free to play
  • Huge replayability
  • You can play with friends
  • Easy gameplay
  • A lot of space for imagination and acting out your role
  • A small variety of maps
  • Sometimes there are cheaters