Mastering Arena Carriables: A Player's Guide to The Finals

  • Charlotte Price
  • Jan 14, 2024
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Mastering Arena Carriables: A Player's Guide to The Finals

The Finals thrusts you into a high-octane competition where strategy and quick thinking are as crucial as your shooting skills. One of the unique elements of this game is the use of arena carriables – a variety of objects you can throw at your opponents to gain the upper hand.

Step 1: Identifying Carriables

Identifying Carriables

Firstly, getting to know your tools is fundamental. The Finals offers an assortment of carriables that you can use to outmaneuver and outplay your opponents. Each type of carriable has its specific use, and you can identify them by their characteristic color and shape within the arenas. Acquaint yourself with each variety:

  • Explosive Cylinders (Red): Used for creating immediate explosions.
  • Toxic Gas Cylinders (Green): Releases a damaging cloud of poison gas.
  • Flammable Cylinders (Yellow): Spills flammable liquid, ignitable for fiery results.
  • Goo Cylinders (Pink): Deploys a sticky goo to obstruct movement.
  • Powder Cylinders (Blue): Creates a smoke screen for visual obstruction.

Spotting and selecting the right carriable for the situation can turn a deafening defeat into a resounding victory.

Step 2: Picking Up Carriables

Once you've spotted a carriable, approach it and press the designated pick-up key (usually the "F" key on PC). Timing is crucial; ensure you're not exposing yourself to enemy fire when going for a carriable. Note that you can carry these objects around the arena until you find the perfect moment to use them. Practice moving with different carriables to understand how they affect your mobility.

Picking Up Carriables

Step 3: Utilizing Carriables Strategically

Here's where your ingenuity comes into play. Each type of carriable has strategic uses inspired by real-world combat scenarios:

  • Explosive Cylinders: Deploy these when you want to force opponents out of cover or secure a quick area clearance.
  • Toxic Gas Cylinders: These are perfect for area denial. Launch them into chokepoints or to flush enemies out of a fortified position.
  • Flammable Cylinders: Use them to set traps. Spill the contents and wait for an opportune moment to ignite the liquid with a well-placed shot.
  • Goo Cylinders: Create makeshift barricades to block doorways or narrow passages, preventing or slowing down enemy advances.
  • Powder Cylinders: Obscure sightlines when making an escape or when you need to revive a teammate without being targeted.

Thinking one step ahead of your opponents can turn these carriables into game-changing weapons.

Step 4: Executing the Throw

When the time is right, aim and release the carriable with the throw key (usually the Left Mouse Button on PC). Your goal is not just to throw but to do so with precision and timing:

  • Explosive Cylinders: Aim for surfaces near enemies for maximum impact.
  • Toxic and Flammable Cylinders: Anticipate enemy movement and release in their path or close to their cover.
  • Goo and Powder Cylinders: Deploy these before the enemy sees you, ensuring surprise and confusion on their side.

Perfecting your throw takes practice, but it's a skill that will significantly influence the battle's tide.

Executing the Throw

Step 5: Combining Carriables with Team Tactics

Communicate with your team. Coordinating carriable usage can create impressive combos and strategies.

  • Coordinate a push with a Powder Cylinder smokescreen for cover.
  • Use a Goo Cylinder to block a path, then detonate an Explosive Cylinder to catch fleeing enemies off-guard.
  • Trap opponents in a corner with Toxic Gas Cylinders and have teammates ready to pick off those escaping the gas.

When working as a unit, these tactics can lock down victory for your team in The Finals.

Step 6: Practice, Adapt, and Overcome

The final step is all about adaptation. Every match in The Finals is dynamic, and learning from your experiences is crucial. Not every tactic will work every time, so stay flexible and ready to adjust your approach. Keep practicing with the carriables and experiment with different methods of using them to discover unorthodox but effective tactics.

Practice, Adapt, and Overcome

Remember that mastery of arena carriables doesn't happen overnight. Be patient, stay keen on observing how others use them effectively, and don't be afraid to take calculated risks. As you grow more proficient, you'll find that carriables are not just tools for damage but instruments of strategy that can elevate your gameplay in The Finals.

So there you have it – a comprehensive guide on using arena carriables to claim victory in The Finals. Whether it's with the sheer force of an explosive canister or the subtle placement of goo, mastering these elements will surely set you apart in the arena. Go out there, have fun, and let the carriables carry you to glory!

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