A Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Crystals in Cookie Run: OvenBreak

  • Benjamin Davis
  • May 10, 2023
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A Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Crystals in Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Cookie Run: OvenBreak is a delightful mobile game developed by Devsisters that has captured the hearts of many players around the world. At the core of the game is the quest for running as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and collecting various items. One of the most important in-game currencies is crystals, which can help you improve your cookies and gameplay experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through some effective strategies for collecting crystals in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, ensuring your cookies become the best they can be.

Step 1: Participate in Trophy Races to Collect Mini Crystal Jars

Participate in Trophy Races to Collect Mini Crystal Jars

One of the easiest ways to amass crystals in Cookie Run: OvenBreak is by participating in Trophy Races. These races are designed to test your skills, and as you progress, you'll have the opportunity to collect Mini Crystal Jars. These floating items can be grabbed during your run and opened once you've crossed the finish line. The more races you participate in, the more chances you'll have to collect these valuable crystal containers.

Step 2: Unlock and Open Chests for a Chance to Receive Crystals

Chests in Cookie Run: OvenBreak contain various rewards, including crystals. Players can obtain chests by completing tasks and achievements or by purchasing them using in-game coins. To maximize your crystal collection, make sure to open every chest you come across. Keep in mind that the contents of the chests are randomized, so you might not always find crystals inside. However, the more chests you unlock and open, the higher your chances of receiving crystals will be.

Step 3: Complete Achievements and Jelly Missions for Crystal Rewards

Jelly Missions

Cookie Run: OvenBreak features a wide range of achievements that players can strive to accomplish. Many of these achievements offer crystal rewards upon completion, so it's in your best interest to tackle as many as possible. Similarly, the game also includes Jelly Missions that can reward you with crystals. By consistently working on these missions and achievements, you'll steadily accumulate crystals that can be used to improve your cookies and gameplay experience.

Step 4: Unlock New Lands for Additional Crystal Rewards

As you progress through the game, you'll have the opportunity to unlock new lands, which often come with crystal rewards. Make sure to focus on unlocking these new areas, as they'll not only provide you with valuable crystals but also add variety to your gaming experience. The effort you put into exploring new lands will be well worth it, as the crystals you collect will help you improve your cookies and get even further in the game.

Step 5: Participate in Special Events and Complete Cookie Quests

Complete Cookie Quests

Cookie Run: OvenBreak regularly hosts special events that offer unique opportunities to collect crystals. Make sure to actively participate in these events and follow the event's designated tasks or objectives. Often, accomplishing these tasks will reward you with a generous amount of crystals. Additionally, the game features various Cookie Quests that provide crystal rewards upon completion. By consistently participating in special events and completing Cookie Quests, you'll keep a steady stream of crystals coming your way.

Although collecting crystals in Cookie Run: OvenBreak may seem challenging, following the steps outlined in this guide will help you amass a substantial amount over time. By actively participating in Trophy Races, unlocking and opening chests, completing achievements and missions, exploring new lands, and engaging with special events and Cookie Quests, you'll soon find your cookie collection growing stronger and more impressive. So grab your favorite cookies and start running – the world of Cookie Run: OvenBreak is waiting!

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