Straying from Mainstream: Top 5 Stray Alternative Games You Should Try

  • Charlotte Price
  • Jul 01, 2023
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Straying from Mainstream: Top 5 Stray Alternative Games You Should Try

Stray, with its interesting blend of futurism, puzzle-solving, and cat adventures, still has everyone buzzing. But if you're in between releases or just want a change of pace, we've got you covered. In this article, we will explore the top-5 stray alternative games that echo similar game dynamics, engaging narratives, and distinctive aesthetics, undoubtedly must-tries for any ardent gamer. Each game has its own unique appeal, offering a contrasting yet complementary gaming experience to Stray.

1. A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence logo

Developed by Asobo Studio, 'A Plague Tale: Innocence' is a spectacular stealth-based adventure that truly shines with its gripping storyline and impeccable gameplay mechanics. It's an ideal alternative for those who enjoy Stray’s rich narrative and immersive environments.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

'A Plague Tale: Innocence' centers around two young siblings, Amicia and Hugo De Rune, each with unique capabilities that you will need to leverage throughout the game. Gameplay primarily consists of stealth tactics, puzzle-solving, and resource management as you traverse the game's bleak yet beautiful landscapes, evading both the Inquisition and swarms of plague-infected rats.

The story is one of love, sacrifice, and hope, set against the backdrop of 14th-century France, ensuring players are able to connect emotionally with the protagonists. The historically accurate, visually stunning setting enhances the atmosphere and augments the overall gaming experience.

2. Inside

Inside logo

Inside, developed by Playdead, is a dynamic puzzle platformer that fans of Stray would find intriguing. Its gameplay is as thrilling and suspenseful as its monochrome aesthetic makes it visually unique. This 2D scroller effectively uses minimalistic storytelling to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

Inside lets you control a nameless boy navigating through various dystopian environments, flooded cities, sinister research labs, and farms with deadly machines. It's about evading detection with timing and quick decisions. There are also physics-based puzzles that break up the tension and make for some neat head-scratchers.

The game's story is one of its standout features. Told without dialogue, the narrative unfolds in a profoundly mysterious and eerie manner. The bleak, dystopian setting enhances the uncertainty and dread permeating this compelling game.

3. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares game

If you enjoyed Stray's suspenseful moments and dark environments, look no further than 'Little Nightmares'. Developed by Tarsier Studios, this puzzle-platformer horror adventure game will give you chills and have you at the edge of your seat with its eerie atmosphere and intriguing narrative.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

'Little Nightmares' puts you in the shoes of Six, a young girl trapped in a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls. Navigating through this gloomy environment, hiding in shadows, climbing, and solving puzzles define the gameplay.

The story mirrors a child's darkest fears and presents them through symbolic characters and environments. Set within the mysterious vessel, 'The Maw', the chilling setting complements the tension-filled gameplay and enriches the unnerving theme.

4. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice game

From Developer Ninja Theory comes 'Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice', a game that brings an impactful narrative-driven experience similar to Stray. It's both a psychological horror game and a poignant representation of mental illness, fully immersing players into the protagonist's world.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

'Hellblade' follows Pict warrior Senua’s journey through a hellish underworld made up of her own psychotic manifestations. The gameplay is notably intense, mixing puzzles, exploration, and realistic combat sequences.

The storyline - a harrowing exploration of Senua's psychosis and trauma - is powerfully captivating. The setting, a hellish visage of the Celtic and Norse mythology, augments the game’s intense atmosphere and reminds players of the character’s torturous mental ordeal.

5. Oxenfree

Oxenfree game

'Oxenfree,' developed by Night School Studio, perfectly fits the list as an alternative for Stray. This supernatural thriller adventure game encompasses engaging storytelling, puzzle-solving, and a unique dialogue system that can keep players invested for hours.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

As teenager Alex, players explore an abandoned island, solving various radio-based puzzles and making decisions that influence the game's narrative. It offers multiple ending scenarios, giving it high replayability.

The story is a touching yet melancholic coming-of-age narrative with supernatural elements that evoke genuine emotional reactions from players. This, combined with the game's nostalgic setting of a hauntingly beautiful island, makes 'Oxenfree' a gaming experience worth delving into.

In conclusion, while these games present unique gameplay, story, and setting, they all offer experiences similar to Stray’s and serve as great alternatives. Embark on new journeys, experience innovative storytelling, and dive into completely different yet equally engaging gaming worlds.

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