Sonic Frontiers Director Responds to Final Boss Fix Suggestions

  • Benjamin Davis
  • Dec 26, 2022
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Sonic Frontiers Director Responds to Final Boss Fix Suggestions

Sonic Frontiers has been praised for its titanic boss fights, with the player utilizing Super Sonic in all of them. However, the game's final boss fight against the Supreme Titan and its true final boss have both been met with divisive opinions from fans. Recently, Twitter user Infinite_Cubes posted an entire thread on the site offering a number of suggestions for how to fix these issues. 

Infinite_Cubes suggested that Supreme be given a higher health bar and new moves that use its giant rifle to shoot attacks which can be parried by Super Sonic. The suggestion also included a climatic QTE finisher as well as a second phase in which Sage pilots Supreme while fighting The End on a 3D moon battlefield. 

In response to this thread, director of Sonic Frontiers revealed they were open-minded towards these ideas and had plans to make some major updates in 2023 in order to address fan feedback regarding the game's divisive ending boss fights. They also expressed their appreciation towards Infinite_Cubes’ initiative and thanked them for their contributions towards improving the game experience for everyone involved. 

This is not the first time that fans have offered up ideas about how best to improve upon existing games or create entirely new ones based off their own experiences with other titles within the genre. Such initiatives have proven useful time and again when it comes to making games more enjoyable by incorporating fan input into development cycles early on rather than waiting until after release when it may already too late or difficult fix certain problems without significant changes being made elsewhere throughout gameplay or story elements as well .  

All in all, it is great news that Sonic Frontiers' director is so open-minded towards fan feedback regarding their upcoming updates; hopefully this will result in an even better gaming experience overall!

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