Astrologaster: A Renaissance in Gaming Through Elizabethan Eyes

  • Charlotte Price
  • May 07, 2024
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Astrologaster: A Renaissance in Gaming Through Elizabethan Eyes

In 2019, the video game Astrologaster quietly emerged, captivating the gaming world with its distinct mix of comedy, historical context, and engaging narrative. This remarkable game, which distills the essence of the Elizabethan era into a richly woven narrative complete with authentic musical accompaniments, defies easy categorization. Is it a visual novel, a historical simulation, or perhaps an interactive play? Such questions only skim the surface of Astrologaster's multifaceted identity, inviting players on a journey back to 1592, to tread the boards of an Elizabethan stage unlike any other.

A Stage Set in Time

Astrologaster revels in its setting -- a meticulously designed stage that brings 16th century London to life with vibrant colors and detailed backdrops reminiscent of period wood paintings. The game unfolds much like a scene from a Shakespearean play, complete with characters marking their presence on stage and a city scene that pops to life as if from a beautifully crafted pop-up book. This attention to detail is especially pronounced on the Nintendo Switch, where players can physically draw curtains on this Elizabethan world, engaging with a tactile connection that bridges centuries.

The Tale of Simon Forman


At the heart of Astrologaster is Simon Forman, an astrologer and physician who skirts the edges of historical fact and fiction. Known amongst Shakespeare's contemporaries, Forman's in-game persona achieves notoriety by divining a cure for the plague from the stars. As players, we don't step directly into Forman's shoes but instead embody the celestial wisdom he consults, guiding him through the intricacies of diagnosing his colorful array of patients. This setup offers a clever twist on gameplay, placing us in the role of unseen influencers shaping events from the cosmos itself.

A Divination Playground

What makes Astrologaster particularly engaging is the element of choice embedded within its divination mechanics. Players must navigate the murky waters of astrology to address each patient's symptoms or personal dilemmas. While some guesses are educated at best, the game cleverly balances knowledge and intuition, challenging players to read between the lines of historical fact and human whimsy. This dynamic turns each consultation into a delightful guessing game, underlined by the knowledge that each decision impacts the story's progression.

Navigating Success and Failure


Astrologaster cleverly sidesteps the traditional punishment-reward system by focusing instead on the accumulation of letters of recommendation. These documents serve as a testament to Forman's legitimacy, a condition for his survival in the cutthroat medical community of Elizabethan London. Through this mechanic, the game introduces a subtle layer of tension; the fate of Forman's career hanging in the balance of each diagnosis, each reading a step closer to vindication or condemnation.

Authenticity in Every Note


Perhaps one of Astrologaster's most enchanting features is its soundtrack, a captivating collection of polyphonic madrigals that serenade each character's entrance. These compositions, steeped in the musical traditions of the Elizabethan era, provide not only delightful background music but also serve as character and narrative exposition. The care taken to craft these musical pieces speaks volumes of the game’s dedication to authenticity and immersion, making each interaction a feast for the senses.

Final Thoughts

Astrologers stand as a testament to the creative potential in game design. It is neither solely a visual novel nor just a historical simulation but a harmonious blend of both, infused with a layer of interactive theater. Through its nuanced approach to storytelling, attention to historical detail, and inventive gameplay mechanics, Astrologaster offers a gaming experience that is both unique and compelling. Its ability to engage, amuse, and educate without resorting to the conventional tropes of heroes and villains marks it as a remarkable entry in the gaming world, one that appeals to a wide array of players looking for something genuinely different.

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