YouTube Is Nearing the End of Testing a Feature That Made 4K Viewing Available to Premium Users Only

  • Benjamin Davis
  • Oct 24, 2022
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YouTube Is Nearing the End of Testing a Feature That Made 4K Viewing Available to Premium Users Only

A reputable Twitter account recently made a post stating that an experiment where YouTube's 4K videos are only available to those with a paid subscription that costs $11.99 a month has officially ended. It is worth noting that just recently, representatives of the company made a lot of noise with the news that some users were tested in order to find out which functions they think would be included in the Premium category and which not.

The possible introduction of a restriction on free viewing in higher resolution caused a wave of indignation among users, and many considered such a step to be the beginning of the fall of the once-popular platform. Meanwhile, there were those who were sympathetic to the idea, since the cost of 4K content is definitely higher. After YouTube's announcement that the experiment was finally over, there was no further information about a possible restriction of access to 4K in the near future.

The end of the experiment on testing restrictions on access to watching videos in 4K resolution on YouTube does not mean at all that this functionality will not become part of the premium subscription sooner or later. However, it's possible that community backlash will affect how quickly these changes go into effect. Also, quite often the testing of a particular function did not lead to its introduction into wide access. It remains to be seen whether in the pursuit of profit YouTube will take into account the opinion of its viewers, but as long as 4K is available to everyone, you can safely enjoy watching your favorite videos in the highest resolution.

How do you feel about the fact that watching videos in 4K on YouTube can become paid? How often do you prefer 4k resolution to others? Please share your thoughts below.


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