Until Dawn Makes a Comeback on PS5 and PC With Upcoming Remaster

  • Charlotte Price
  • Feb 01, 2024
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Until Dawn Makes a Comeback on PS5 and PC With Upcoming Remaster

Sony's latest State of Play brought exciting news that piqued the interest of horror enthusiasts: "Until Dawn" is slated for a return on PS5 and PC platforms later this year. Ahead of this official revelation, there was an air of speculation about a possible remaster of Supermassive Games' hit title, particularly in light of an upcoming movie version set to bring the chilling adventure to the silver screen.

The cinematic venture into the "Until Dawn" universe is already stirring interest, thanks to director David F. Sandberg, known for his work on horror projects like "Lights Out" and "Annabelle: Creation." Along with scribes Blair Butler and Gary Dauberman, the film promises to transfer Supermassive Games' narrative into a gripping horror piece. The game's original cast, boasting names such as Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere, has made fans eager to see if these stars will reprise their roles, adding fuel to the fire for making the game more widely available.

Confirming the hopeful speculations, Sony shared an announcement trailer for a remastered version of "Until Dawn" during the 2024 State of Play. The presentation not only vouched for its return to PS5 and PCs but also unveiled intentions for a release within the year. British independent studio Ballistic Moon is stepping up to the task for this refreshed installation as Supermassive Games turns its focus to the ongoing Dark Pictures Anthology and a new collaboration with the game "Dead By Daylight."

A Peek into the "Until Dawn" Remaster at the State of Play

The premier trailer showcased the "rebuilt and enhanced" iteration of "Until Dawn," providing fans with glimpses of polished graphics and capturing the game's chilling atmosphere. Narrated segments highlighted the central mechanic of choice that shapes the gameplay, backing scenes with familiar faces and unsettling scenarios. Ballistic Moon, taking the reins from Supermassive Games, voiced its commitment on their website to honing an even more frightful and refined gaming journey, inviting players to wander once again through this harrowing narrative.

"Until Dawn's" rejuvenation announcement was among the many treats Sony had in store. Trailers abounded at the event, such as a captivating new preview for "Death Stranding 2" targeting a 2025 release, and a glimpse into the remastered "Silent Hill 2," with "Silent Hill: The Short Message" being offered to fans as a tantalizing free experience.

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