Twitter Suspended Third-Party Apps Intentionally, Tweetbot Disabled Again

  • Charlotte Price
  • Jan 16, 2023
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Twitter Suspended Third-Party Apps Intentionally, Tweetbot Disabled Again

Third-party Twitter apps were made inaccessible to users last week, leaving many unable to access the popular microblogging site. Reports now suggest that the suspension was intentional and that users can only access Twitter through the official app. The cause of the suspension is still unknown, but Twitter CEO Elon Musk has yet to provide an explanation.

The suspension of third-party Twitter apps, which includes the popular Tweetbot, was intentional, according to reports. Tweetbot co-creator Paul Haddad has confirmed the decision and noted that the app was accessible for a few hours on Sunday using a workaround. However, the access was revoked soon after, suggesting that Twitter was deliberately blocking access for third-party clients.

The Information has reported that the block, which began last week, was intentional. The news source has apparently seen internal Slack communication from Twitter confirming the decision, though no reasons were provided.

Twitterrific, another popular third-party client, is also still suspended. iOS developers Mysk were able to get Tweetbot working again with some restrictions, but users were only able to share 300 posts per 15 minutes. This suggests that while the API itself is not broken, Twitter is still limiting functionality for third-party apps.

The suspension has caused some frustration among users as they are now forced to use the official Twitter app. However, some experts believe that suspension is necessary in order to protect the platform from potential security risks.

Another possible reason for the suspension of third-party apps could be related to Twitter's security concerns. Twitter has recently implemented a number of security measures to protect users from malicious actors and bots, and the company may be trying to ensure that all users are accessing the platform through the official app. This would allow Twitter to better monitor and control access to the platform.


Twitter's decision to suspend access to third-party apps is a controversial one, and the reasons behind it remain unclear. It is likely that the move is related to the upcoming Twitter Blue subscription service or to better control access to the platform. Whatever the reason, the decision has sparked debate among users and developers and will likely continue to do so until Twitter provides an explanation.

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