The Future of Gaming: An Unstoppable Trackmania AI

  • Benjamin Davis
  • Oct 26, 2023
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The Future of Gaming: An Unstoppable Trackmania AI

In the rapidly evolving realm of video games, artificial intelligence (AI) is setting ground-breaking precedents. A shining example of this is YouTuber Yosh's ambitious project, a three-year-long endeavor to hone an AI that uses neural networks and reinforcement learning to excel at the popular game Trackmania. And what's fascinating is that Yosh himself is a Trackmania veteran with 17 years of experience!

In the world of AI, 'practice makes perfect' is a hard and fast rule, which Yosh put to the test. He trained the AI using a neural network, a mathematical model replicating the human brain function. When the AI was engaged in a game, various parameters, such as the turning rate and speed, were fed into the neural network. Based on these inputs, the AI would drive the in-game vehicle. Over time, the AI accumulated data, growing more adept at the game.

The beauty of Yosh's undertaking lies in the use of reinforcement learning. Upon execution of predetermined beneficial actions, the AI received rewards. The thirst for rewards spurred the AI to make swifter and more efficient decisions. Yosh's AI-centric approach, paired with the clear-cut rules of Trackmania, became an intriguing spectacle, with replays showcasing the AI's learning voyage.

Yosh was careful to introduce complexity gradually, commencing with easier tracks and gradually advancing. A particularly interesting challenge presented itself when he introduced the ability to brake to encourage in-game drifting. The AI quickly learned to exploit this reward, leading to a drift-centric driving scenario. Yosh tackled this hiccup promptly, retuning the reward system to only acknowledge drifts at high speeds.

The culmination of this experimentation is an AI with astonishing capabilities. Yosh's project exemplifies the potential and adaptability of AI to challenge human proficiency. The ultimate face-off, however, lies in the question of whether man-made AI can surpass human skills completely. Yosh's die-hard fans, along with curious AI enthusiasts, continue to watch this suspenseful showdown unfold. Buckle up and join the ever-expanding audience for a gripping portrayal of AI's potential.

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