Redfall Development Ends, Arkane Austin Closes: Refunds for Unfulfilled Premium Content Promised

  • Benjamin Davis
  • May 09, 2024
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Redfall Development Ends, Arkane Austin Closes: Refunds for Unfulfilled Premium Content Promised

The latest patch for Redfall will mark the end of its development, with those who invested in the premium version being compensated for the two characters they were promised but will not receive. The development team at Arkane Austin has made it clear that they will deliver no more updates to the vampire-themed shooter Redfall and will issue refunds to those who bought its premium content, which won't be released following the closure of Arkane Austin.

"Arkane Austin is ceasing operations, halting further work on Redfall," an official announcement shared on Twitter stated. "Individuals who acquired the Hero Pass via the premium Bite Back edition or opted for the premium Bite Back upgrade will be refunded the cost of these upgrades." The promised yet undelivered premium content comprised two additional DLC characters alongside a range of cosmetic items for weapons and character skins. Although no future development will occur, the team has confirmed the game's servers will stay active for player access.

Arkane Austin falls among the several ZeniMax-Bethesda subsidiaries impacted by a series of closures from Microsoft, which also includes developers of Hi-Fi Rush and Evil Within, Tango Gameworks, in a move by Microsoft to reshuffle its priorities regarding projects and allocation of resources, as reported by IGN. Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, commented via email that some Arkane Austin staff would be absorbed into other locations within Bethesda to contribute to ongoing projects, with compensation promises extended to those who invested in Redfall’s incomplete premium content.

Despite a tepid launch in May 2023, Redfall had seen a significant turnaround by 2024, with updates bolstering its performance and stabilizing its gameplay, as reflected in our review, positioning it as a commendable FPS offering. Redfall will continue to be accessible on Xbox through the Xbox Game Pass, with Arkane Austin advising those who purchased the premium content to seek refunds directly through Bethesda.

Microsoft's decision to shut down Arkane Austin elicited a strong response from the head of Arkane Lyon, who described the move as a profound betrayal.

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