Nintendo's Innovative Approach to Combat Joystick Drift: The Magnetic Smart Fluid Patent

  • Charlotte Price
  • Sep 16, 2023
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Nintendo's Innovative Approach to Combat Joystick Drift: The Magnetic Smart Fluid Patent

In the realm of gaming, the issue of joystick drift has been a persistent problem. Nintendo, a leading player in the industry, is looking for innovative solutions to tackle this issue. In a recent development, Nintendo has filed a patent for a joystick that uses a magnetic 'smart fluid'. This fluid, known as a magnetorheological fluid (MRF), changes its viscosity based on the intensity of the magnetic field it is subjected to. This unique approach might just be the key to resolving the notorious issue of stick drift.

The working principle of this magnetic joystick is fascinating. When a player exerts pressure and moves the stick with their thumb, the MRF in the joystick thickens, thereby creating resistance. Once the player removes their thumb, this resistance helps the stick return to its original position. This mechanism is reminiscent of the 'Hall Effect' sticks that some modern peripherals use, where magnets are utilized to detect movement. With no connecting parts involved, stick drift is effectively eliminated.

The patent elaborates, “The speed of return of the operation element [the stick] to the initial position can be made faster in the controller using the MRF". Moreover, this technology can deliver a palpable sense of resistance to the player, akin to that experienced with a traditional analogue stick. However, the patent leaves it ambiguous whether this 'feeling' can be manipulated in some way or whether the resistance can be adjusted to provide a form of force feedback.

The practical implications of this patent are yet to be determined. It is unclear whether this design will be incorporated in the successor to the Switch, replace standard Switch Joy-Cons, or even make it to the production stage at all. Video game patents are often left unutilized, and this might just be another addition to that list. However, if implemented, this design could revolutionize joystick technology.

Nintendo has previously faced challenges with Joy-Con drift affecting the Switch since its launch in 2017. Despite changes in the Joy-Con design, this issue reportedly continues. The company has pledged to repair any Joy-Con controllers suffering from drift, even those out of warranty. If the patented design can effectively eliminate joystick drift, it could save Nintendo from a significant problem in their future consoles. The world of gaming is eagerly awaiting the potential positive change this patent could bring.

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