New Update for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Fixes DLC Glitches

  • Benjamin Davis
  • Feb 02, 2024
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New Update for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Fixes DLC Glitches

The long-awaited update for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been rolled out, addressing multiple glitches introduced by The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC. Despite the games' tumultuous beginnings marked by numerous technical issues, their sales have remained resilient, echoing the patterns of past games that have bounced back after similar rocky releases.

The forthcoming update has been scheduled with the aim of ironing out problems that arose with The Indigo Disk DLC. Some players have already seen temporary solutions, but a comprehensive fix is on the horizon with the slated patch.

Recently disclosed patch notes for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet detail the fixes in version 3.0.1. The patch, initially set for a late January release, was slightly delayed. The Pokemon Company conveyed through a Twitter post that fans would need to hold on a little longer.

Key bug fixes in version 3.0.1 include:

- A patch to prevent the game from freezing when players level up their Inkay to level 29 or below using specific items.
- The crafting recipe for TM223 (Metal Sound) has been corrected. Players are no longer required to obtain Shieldon Claws, which were previously only available in one version of the game.
- Players who found themselves trapped between the Item Printer and the wall in the League Club Room can now free themselves by engaging with a nearby NPC.
- The Dragon Cheer bug, where its critical hit enhancement effects persisted after a Pokemon was switched out, has been corrected.
- A fix for a glitch that allowed Calyrex to retain certain moves learned in conjunction with Glastrier or Spectrier even after separation and to relearn those moves without the need for the union.
- The patch also includes an assortment of other minor bug fixes.

Before this patch release, the community was already aware of the TM issue exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet. Owners of the game found themselves unable to gather Shieldon Claws needed for Metal Sound TM, which the update has rectified.

The Dragon Cheer anomaly spanned both Scarlet and Violet versions, as the move—introduced in The Indigo Disk—is now properly balanced to cease its effect when a Pokemon exits battle. Following the update, Dragon Cheer complies with norms akin to other buffing moves and has been removed from the ban list in competitive play.

While no substantial improvements to the overall performance of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been announced, the resolution of these pressing glitches, particularly the one concerning Dragon Cheer, was imperative for maintaining the integrity of online competitive play.

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