New Crackdown on Third-Party Peripheral Cheaters: Bans Incoming!

  • Benjamin Davis
  • Apr 14, 2023
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New Crackdown on Third-Party Peripheral Cheaters: Bans Incoming!

Bungie has announced a major crackdown on cheaters using third-party input devices such as XIM and Cronus to gain an unfair advantage in Destiny 2. This comes after years of complaints from top-level players that these devices are being used to give themselves an edge in the popular shooter game. The studio has said it will be implementing stricter measures to identify, ban, and take action against those found cheating with peripheral hardware.

In the past, Bungie had implemented anti-cheat systems designed to detect keyboard and mouse peripherals, but this was not enough to stop cheaters from gaining access to third-party inputs. This time around, Bungie is taking a much more aggressive approach by actively banning accounts found using these types of devices. While details on exactly how they will be detecting such activity are still unclear, it's likely that the studio will be utilizing data analysis techniques combined with player feedback reports to weed out any suspicious behavior or activities associated with peripheral cheats.

This news should come as welcome relief for many players who have been at a disadvantage due to those using third-party input devices for an unfair advantage in PvP matches. It also shows that Bungie is listening closely to fan feedback and taking steps towards ensuring fair play across all modes in Destiny 2. Hopefully, this new measure helps keep things balanced so that everyone can enjoy the game without worrying about cheaters ruining their experience or giving them an insurmountable edge over other players in competitive modes like Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris.

It remains unclear what kind of punishments those caught cheating with peripherals may face, but whatever they are, it's sure that they'll be harsh enough so as not to put up too much of a fight against anyone looking for ways around the system. For now, though, we can only wait until further information is released regarding this new initiative from Bungie which should help make sure everyone plays fairly when competing online within Destiny 2’s PvP community going forward into 2023 and beyond!

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