"Little Nightmares" Creeps onto Mobile Devices with a Special Launch Price

  • Benjamin Davis
  • Dec 13, 2023
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"Little Nightmares" Creeps onto Mobile Devices with a Special Launch Price

Little Nightmares, the eerie indie title that garnered acclaim at Gamescom 2016 by snagging the Indie Award, has finally made its way to mobile platforms after five years. Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco, throughout this period, have expanded the series with additional content, a follow-up game, and even a mobile-only prequel. Yet, the full experience of the original game had not been available on Android or iOS — until now.

In a celebratory gesture for its mobile debut, Bandai Namco is offering Little Nightmares at a discounted price of $7, a slight drop from its usual asking price of $9. The game's arrival on mobile has been anticipated since the official winter release announcement last September, and its launch is a delightful enhancement to the roster of Android's gaming gems.

For those unfamiliar with Little Nightmares, it's a survival horror escapade infused with the eerie aesthetic of a Tim Burton creation. The game involves guiding a young girl named Six through treacherous paths aboard a sinister, sea-sailing vessel densely populated with grotesque inhabitants and voracious appendages. Armed with little more than her cleverness and a trusty Zippo lighter, Six navigates through the nightmarish realm.

The game's ambiance strikes a chilling but curiously charming balance, juxtaposing grim scenarios against heartfelt interactions, such as comforting a solitary gnome companion. The level design alternates between constrictive pathways and broad, daunting chambers within the ship known as the Maw.

Offering a blend of three-dimensional platform action and puzzle-solving, interspersed with stealth elements, Little Nightmares initially faced criticism for its control precision. However, on mobile, the newly adapted touch controls have been favorably received. Nevertheless, it should be noted that controller support is absent, especially considering the game operates in portrait mode.

Little Nightmares is currently available to purchase, inviting players to indulge in a roughly three-hour narrative that can stretch to eight hours for those with a perfectionist streak. For anyone on the lookout for a gripping survival horror game or yearning for well-executed premium mobile ports, Little Nightmares is an enticing proposition, perhaps even worthy of treating yourself this Christmas.

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