Google Chrome Issues Urgent Update to Patch Actively Exploited High-Severity Security Flaw

  • Charlotte Price
  • May 12, 2024
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Google Chrome Issues Urgent Update to Patch Actively Exploited High-Severity Security Flaw

Google Chrome Receives Update to Fix Critical Zero-Day Security Issue Being Exploited by Cybercriminals

Google Chrome has received an update to correct a critical zero-day security flaw that was actively being exploited, as reported by the tech giant. This flaw is found within a Chrome component responsible for displaying web content on a user's display, which could allow cybercriminals to exploit a user's computer upon visiting a website designed with malicious intent. To maintain safety, Chrome users across all desktop platforms must update their browsers to the most recent version.

In a recent blog update, the company announced that the newest stable releases of Google Chrome for Windows, macOS, and Linux now include a remedy for this security issue, which has been assigned a 'High' severity status. Google has addressed a 'use after free' vulnerability (CVE-2024-4671) concerning the Visuals component of Chrome, identified by a researcher wishing to remain anonymous.

This specific 'use after free' vulnerability could permit a cybercriminal to interact with memory outside the proper bounds after a user lands on a webpage crafted with harmful intent, leveraging the flaw. This could potentially lead to unauthorized data access or even full system control.

It's critical to note that Google’s announcement also included information that an exploit for CVE-2024-4671 is known to be currently utilized. Therefore, it's essential for users to ensure they are utilizing the latest stable version of Chrome — specifically version 124.0.6367.201/.202 for Windows and macOS, and version 124.0.6367.201 for Linux users.

For Windows, users should go to the three-dot menu at the screen's top right corner, navigate to Help > About Google Chrome, and select Update Google Chrome. If this option is not visible, the browser is already at its latest version. macOS users have the option to enable the Automatically update Chrome for all users setting for automatic updates, while Linux users can receive updates through their package manager.

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