Google Calendar Embraces Shareable Links for Event Coordination

  • Charlotte Price
  • Oct 06, 2023
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Google Calendar Embraces Shareable Links for Event Coordination

In an age where sharable links are transforming how we share content, Google Calendar seeks to enhance its user experience by offering a first-of-its-kind shareable links feature for events. This novel upgrade streamlines event coordination and communication, making it more intuitive for users.

As stated on a Google Calendar Help page, a fresh feature that enables users to generate shareable links to their events has been introduced. However, users need to keep in mind some key specifications about this advancement:

Privacy Parameters

Despite setting a calendar or a specific event to “private," if you share its link, the event essentially becomes public. Therefore, it is key to exercise discretion when sharing these links. Bear in mind that although event names cannot be traced on the web, the only way to invalidate the link post-sharing is to remove the event itself.

Device Compatibility

This feature, as of now, is dedicatedly developed for the Android app. While a speedy expansion to other platforms could be anticipated, for now, the feature is confined to Android users.

Guest Engagement

The shared link can be accessed by invitees in any browser. This allows them to view the event details and RSVP accordingly. In case one is logged into their Google Account, the response involves a simple one-click action. Otherwise, they would need to share their email address to convey their response.

Availability Constraints

Google Workspace account holders may not benefit significantly from this feature as; currently, it is exclusive only to personal Google Accounts. Also, the feature does not enjoy universal access and has been sporadically spotted live on only certain devices.

Usage Guide

The use of this feature is uncomplicated. From your Android device, upon accessing an event on Google Calendar, you'll find a Share option. Clicking on it will generate a distinct, shareable link that you can then distribute. This shared message contains the event’s basic details, along with an invitation to view further details and RSVP.

This step towards more integrated event sharing by Google is praiseworthy, although it comes with its share of constraints and challenges. As with any new feature, practical application and user feedback will shape its future enhancements and success. With this addition, Google Calendar is indeed making strides towards fulfilling the contemporary needs of its users, making event sharing a walk in the park.

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