EA Sports Releases Second Stability Update for FC 24 on Consoles

  • Benjamin Davis
  • Oct 03, 2023
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EA Sports Releases Second Stability Update for FC 24 on Consoles

EA Sports has confirmed the availability of the second title update for EA Sports FC 24 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

This patch, already made accessible to PC players during the weekend, introduces a critical correction to the 'Ultimate Team' mode, which can be crucial for those facing stability concerns since the release of FC 24 last month.

While this latest update for the second title doesn’t bring any new features, it carries a significant stability enhancement for the Ultimate Team component in EA Sports FC 24. The comprehensive patch description displayed below covers the specific refinement deployed as part of the update.

Patch Update Details for EA Sports FC 24 1.03 for October 3rd

Title Update #2 for EA SPORTS FC 24 is now available on the PS4/PS5/XB1/XBSX|S/PC platforms and includes the revisions below:

Ultimate Team

Resolved the following issues:

Addressed multiple stability glitches, including those that some users might have experienced in the Ultimate Team menus.
This is all for the current EA Sports FC 24 update, although the developers have concluded the patch notes by stating that further updates for EA Sports FC 24 will be communicated via the game's Trello board. This marks the second patch deployed since the launch of EA Sports FC 24 last month, both targeting stability enhancements.

Despite FC 24 marking EA's initial attempt without the attached FIFA brand, it has not deterred the latest edition from achieving the second-largest physical game launch in the UK this year. However, as per GamesIndustry.biz, FC 24's sales have seen a 30% slump when compared to its predecessor, FIFA 23.

On Steam, EA Sports FC 24 currently holds a "mixed" review tag from over 4,000 user assessments. Several negative reviews point towards crashes as the main issue, but EA seems committed to rectifying stability problems with its latest updates. It's advisable for those experiencing such issues to download today's update.

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