CEO Phil Mansell Affirms No Change in RuneScape Business Models Despite Jagex's Acquisition

  • Charlotte Price
  • Feb 15, 2024
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CEO Phil Mansell Affirms No Change in RuneScape Business Models Despite Jagex's Acquisition

The CEO of Jagex, the highly-regarded creator of popular MMORPG games like RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, Phil Mansell, has confirmed that the recent acquisition of the company would not alter the business models of its games. Mansell stated his firm belief that their commitment to the games and their player communities won't be compromised because of the change in ownership.

It was reported on February 9 that Jagex would be bought from the Carlyle investment firm by CVC Capital Partners and Haveli Investments. CVC, a renowned private market manager, has a staggering €188 billion worth of assets under management. Haveli Investments is a private equity company and launched its "Gaming Fund" in 2022. Haveli has previously invested in Omeda Studios and the Behaviour Interactive, known for the successful game Dead by Daylight.

Following the announcement of the acquisition, Mansell took to social media platforms to double down on Jagex's dedication to its games and their player-base. His echoed the sentiment that players would always remain at the heart of their actions, and their commitment to the values that make these games unique would not waver.

As the news of Jagex's acquisition was made public, Nick Clarry, CVC's head of sports, media, and entertainment, put on record that the acquisition was a strategic decision made to unlock Jagex's full potential. The strategy includes enhancing existing RuneScape games, making games more accessible on various platforms, and pouring resources into new IP content to create engaging games for the future.

To sum up, despite the acquisition, it can be anticipated that the iconic universes of RuneScape games will continue flourishing and expanding while retaining their core characteristics and business models.

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