Building Blocks of Hyrule: LEGO's Alleged Foray into The Legend of Zelda Universe

  • Charlotte Price
  • Jan 22, 2024
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Building Blocks of Hyrule: LEGO's Alleged Foray into The Legend of Zelda Universe

The toy industry buzzes with anticipation as rumors of a new LEGO set surface, this time capturing the essence of a beloved video game realm. The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo's legendary franchise, might soon be immortalized in interlocking plastic bricks. A reputed leaker with a track record of accurate LEGO forecasts has hinted at a set that promises to whisk fans away to the iconic world of Hyrule. The whispers suggest a set rich in detail, depicting the Great Deku Tree, a symbol as timeless as the adventure series itself.

While official confirmation from LEGO or Nintendo is pending, the community's excitement is palpable. The leaker, whose credibility is bolstered by past revelations, teases a release date sometime in September 2024. The set is said to be comprised of over 2,500 pieces—a testament to its complexity and potential for intricate design. If proven true, fans could soon be piecing together one of the most recognizable landmarks from The Legend of Zelda series, reliving the nostalgia of titles like Ocarina of Time with every brick.

The speculation doesn't end with the Great Deku Tree. Rumors are rife with possibilities, including the inclusion of two minifigures representing different iterations of the series' protagonist, Link. The possibility of these figures, one from Ocarina of Time and another from the more recent Breath of the Wild, creates a bridge across the franchise's timeline. It suggests a comprehensive homage to the series' rich history, inviting fans old and new to explore the lore through LEGO.

But the potential expansion of Nintendo-themed LEGO sets might not stop at Zelda. The leaker indicates a broader collaboration between the two giants, with impending sets that draw inspiration from other Nintendo titles such as Animal Crossing and Sonic the Hedgehog. With a well-established LEGO Super Mario line already delighting fans, it seems the brick-building company is keen to delve further into the video game industry, much to the delight of collectors and gamers alike.

As we await official word on this exciting development, the prospect of a LEGO Legend of Zelda set stirs the imaginations of enthusiasts worldwide. A coupling of LEGO's creative potential with the rich storytelling of The Legend of Zelda could result in not just a set but a cultural phenomenon. It's a testament to the enduring power of both brands and a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures can be built one brick at a time.

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