A New Mod for Minecraft Will Allow You to Watch Videos Not on a TV, but on Chiselled Bookshelves

  • Benjamin Davis
  • Nov 23, 2022
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A New Mod for Minecraft Will Allow You to Watch Videos Not on a TV, but on Chiselled Bookshelves

Minecraft is a very popular game with a huge number of in-game mechanics and dedicated tools. The already rich variety of different functions from the developer is constantly expanding with various mods that make the gameplay even more interesting. Meanwhile, not all mods are designed to affect the gameplay. So, many of them are made to simply have fun.

The range of possibilities for players in Minecraft is able to impress even an experienced player, this alone will be just the tip of the iceberg in comparison with what will become possible with the use of mods. The most complex buildings and solutions, the implementation of which, using standard tools, can take a week, can be built in a matter of minutes using mods. Various modifications can sometimes change the gameplay. For example, Breath of the Wild will add new abilities and enemies.

The Chiselled Bookshelf Animations mod belongs to the category of mods that do not affect the gameplay and the player's capabilities, but simply give good emotions. It only works if you have Minecraft snapshot 22w46a and Minecraft 1.20 features are activated. Immediately after downloading the mod, you will be able to play videos using chiselled bookshelves.

The new mod lets you play old memes, animations, and more. And then, inspired by the view and charged with a good mood, the player will surely be able to build incredibly cool buildings that no one before him could do.

How do you feel about the use of mods in games? Do you like the idea of making Minecraft gameplay easier with mods, or do you like to do things yourself? Please share your thoughts with others in the comments below.


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