Secret Neighbor is a game that is available on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. The game revolves around the idea of being a secret neighbor who watches over a family.

Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer

The player has to make sure that the family stays happy by completing various tasks.


In the game, six children must sneak into the house of the creepy Neighbor, find the keys to all the doors and uncover the terrible secret of the villain. However, the problem is that one of the children is the very same Neighbor, who has opened his hunt for the intruders in his possession.

Before the start of the match, all players choose their characters, of which there are only six. Plus two variations of the Neighbor. Each character has a unique skill: for example, the leader can temporarily accelerate all children in a certain radius around him, and the scout carries a slingshot, the charges of which can scare away the enemy. 

The neighbor, in turn, not only has great strength, but is also able to set traps, masquerade as children, throw smoke bombs - in general, all kinds of harm to villains.

The game location is a huge multi-story house with many locked doors, inconspicuous rooms and hiding places. The main goal of the children is a six-locked door to the basement, and to open it, they have to carefully examine the entire mansion. 


The graphics are simple and pixelated. This is not a problem for the game, but it could make it hard for people who are looking for a game that has great graphics.


To control the character in the game using the keyboard and mouse or joystick.


The tasks in Secret Neighbor are varied and there is plenty of replayability. Key locations are randomly generated, so you have to look into every drawer and closet. In the first match, this seems like an impossible task, but given that the mansion always stays the same, you will gradually memorize the floor plans of all the floors and can navigate without problems.


Secret Neighbor can be addictive. The game has high replayability, you'll need several games to learn the house and random players won't always be good partners. The game can be good fun with a group of friends, but the game with random players can seem boring.

  • Clean and simple graphics
  • Fun gameplay if you play with friends
  • Ability to customize characters
  • Lots of tactics for both sides
  • Unbalanced characters
  • You may encounter bugs
Image source - store.steampowered.com