Hello Neighbor is a horror/adventure game with stealth elements, where you play as a young boy who tries to find out what's going on in his neighbor's house.

Hello Neighbor

The game is available on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia. The game has received mixed reviews, but the majority of the reviews say that the game is good


You are stuck in your neighbor's house, so your goal is to find out what's going on. The game is played in first-person, and you have to use your wits to avoid being caught by the neighbor. The player has to sneak around the house, avoiding the Neighbor's attention, and solve puzzles. The player can also steal items from different rooms. 

The game features three different game modes: Story Mode, which is the main campaign, Infinite Mode, which is an open-ended game mode, and Hide-n-Seek Mode, which is a game mode where the player has to hide from the Neighbor for 60 seconds before he gets caught. 


The graphics are very realistic, with detailed rooms. The game is rendered in 3D with a cartoonish style


The controls are easy to learn, but there are multiple ways of moving, depending on the player's preference.  The controls are responsive and easy to use.


The game is very replayable because the puzzles are randomized, so you can always find new ways to solve them.


The game Hello Neighbor is a thrilling game with stealth elements, puzzles, strategy, and horror. The game is a well-designed stealth horror game which offers a fun experience. It is a singleplayer game which features a protagonist who moves into a new neighborhood and finds a mysterious house with a boarded up the basement. 

The gameplay consists of exploring the house and the neighborhood and solving the problem of the mysterious Neighbor. Overall, Hello Neighbor is a good game with interesting gameplay.

  • It is free
  • The game is very addictive
  • The game has cute graphics
  • The music is very well done
  • The game has challenging gameplay
  • The game has no real ending
  • It’s a bit too scary for kids
Image source - play.google.com