The Amazing Frog is a very fun and addictive game for all ages. In the game, the player is a frog. The Amazing Frog is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy a good time.

Amazing Frog?

It's a fun and interactive game that can be played solo or with friends. It's a casual game that can be played at any age and is fun for the entire family. 

The gameplay of the Amazing Frog game is very fun and addicting. The Amazing Frog It's a kind of insane game filled full of lots of fun in a physics sandbox. The game is set in the British city of Swindon and alternate city on the Moon. The game is full of opportunities to explore, discover costumes and clothing, and of course, have fun. There are many possible activities in the game. For example, the game has helicopters, drones, explosions, various animals that the player can interact with, and many more.


The controls are simple and easy to use. You can take control of the frog with the arrow keys or by clicking the mouse.


The replayability for this game is very good. The game is full of replayability. You can play by yourself or with your friends.


The Amazing Frog game is undoubtedly a fun and engaging game with a ton of replay value and we recommend it for anyone looking for a sandbox and additive game. The Amazing Frog is a great game for anyone looking for a fun and interactive game. The gameplay is fun and not too difficult. The controls are easy to learn and use The game is very addictive and hard to put down.

  • Very addictive
  • Lots of fun
  • Simple control
  • You can play with friends
  • Lots of costumes to discover
  • Lots of mysteries to explore
  • Not the best graphics
  • The game has long been in development
  • Not always correct physics
Image source - itunes.apple.com