Creative Destruction is a high-quality battle royale that works without problems even on slow computers. Players will have to fight other players to achieve a higher place in the top. The player must work with the resources found in the game.

Creative Destruction

The game has a procedurally generated world.


The goal of the game is to remain the sole survivor and kill all other players. You can play alone or with friends. In order to fight back, the player must shoot the monsters with the weapons they have collected. Weapons and equipment appear randomly on the map in each match so you never get to play two identical matches.

The game is similar to many others in the battle royale genre. But there are nuances of its own, such as building levels, crafting traps and gadgets, and fast construction features.


The graphics of Creative Destruction are cartoonish and they are colourful. The game looks beautiful, well designed and does not hurt your eyes.


Controls and tutorials are clear even for those who have never played similar games. After 2-3 matches you will easily understand all the mechanics present in the game.


The replayability of this game is very high. The player can play the game as many times as he wants because each match will be unique due to the ever-changing arrangement of weapons and defense, as well as the composition of the players.


Creative Destruction is a fascinating and addictive video game with a procedurally generated world. You can easily figure it all out and play it alone, in pairs, or with a squad of friends. The game also includes a character customization feature, it does not affect the gameplay, but it will help you express yourself.

  • The game is free
  • Graphics, even on low settings looks nice
  • All the donation is cosmetic
  • Variety of weapons
  • Fast and dynamic matches
  • A very small weight of the game
  • You can meet cheaters